Harness Connectivity for Business Growth in Africa, Procurement Officers Urged

Intellimedia Chairman Alex Chesosi has urged procurement officers to embrace the transformative power of connectivity, emphasizing its role in expanding market reach and attracting a broader customer base.

Speaking at the Second Procurement and Supply Chain Dialogue forum held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort, Chesosi highlighted the pivotal role technological advancements play in fostering inclusive socio-economic development within trade.

He advocated for the adoption of private cellular network-based connectivity solutions, characterizing them as beacons of innovation poised to revolutionize business operations.

Chesosi underscored the need for agility, innovation, and a shared vision among industry players to thrive in a connected world.

Referencing Intellimedia Networks Africa’s journey, Chesosi cited the company’s success in enabling last-mile solutions as evidence of the possibilities when industry, government, and partnerships dare to envision and execute ambitious plans.

“This is not about re-inventing the wheel; it’s about leveraging the rapid adoption of mobile telephony in Africa and applying it to the broader realms of commerce, education, government services delivery, entertainment, healthcare, and, importantly, supply chain management,” he said.

He envisioned that technological connectivity would enable procurement officers to seize business opportunities not only within Kenya but across the entire African market.

He emphasized the enduring spirit of progress, unity, and innovation that binds not only Kenya but the entire African continent.

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“As we convene under the auspices of the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, we are reminded of the enduring spirit that binds not only Kenya but also the entire African continent – a spirit of relentless pursuit towards progress, unity, and innovation.

He said that the dialogue on connectivity, will unlock potential, bridge gaps, and contribute to the creation of a robustly interwoven Africa within itself and with the global economy.

He expressed confidence in Africa’s ability to compete on equal footing in the global economy, urging the continent to be pioneers in a movement that propels sustainable growth.

“We have the unique advantage to implement and activate a new paradigm of growth, to be the forerunners in a movement that will see Africa compete as equals in the global economy, “he said.

Recent developments a month ago showcased Intellimedia Networks Africa’s commitment to this vision of promoting Africa connectivity as they made an announcement of a US$ 3 million partnership deal with Matic Enterprises, a Congolese conglomerate.

During the signing of agreement between Intellimedia and Matic Enterprises, a Congolese Conglomerate, Chesosi emphasized the critical role of collaboration between government and the private sector in overcoming connectivity challenges, praising Kenya as a hub of innovation setting the pace for the continent.

He said that the strategic alliance is set to enable millions to harness the benefits of enhanced connectivity services, marking a new era in the African telecommunications landscape.

Chesosi highlighted the urgency of the mission noting that the partnership draws strength from IntelliMedia Networks Africa’s avant-garde private cellular network solution., with Alpha Eragy, CEO of Matic Enterprises, emphasizing the immediate need to bridge the connectivity gap in Africa market.

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