Fuse.io nominated Best Blockchain Company in Continental Awards

Fuse.io, a decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain platform, is honored to announce its nomination as the “Best Blockchain Company” at the prestigious 2023 African Crypto Giant Award.

Since its inception in 2019, Fuse.io has been steadfastly committed to democratizing Web3 payments for both businesses and consumers across the entire value chain.

In just five short years, Fuse.io has achieved a remarkable transformation, redefining industry benchmarks for transparency, transaction fees, fulfillment timelines, dApps, APIs, and all aspects of the DeFi and blockchain landscape.

These exceptional qualities have positioned Fuse.io as the preferred choice for businesses, developers, and consumers, leading to its well-deserved nomination for the inaugural African Crypto Giant Award.

Established to celebrate pioneers who have catalyzed the innovation and excellence that has propelled the African crypto and blockchain industry in the past decade, the African Crypto Giant (ACG) Award recognizes founders and companies across all spectra of the crypto industry.

Categories recognised in this year’s nomination include Most Promising Crypto Startup of the Year, Best NFT Marketplace of the Year, Best Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Platform and Best Blockchain Company amongst others.

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Speaking on the company’s nomination for the Best Blockchain Company, Mark Smargon, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Fuse.io and Fuse Network remarked, “Being nominated the Best Blockchain Company for the year 2023 is a truly a remarkable achievement for us because blockchain technology is at the core of everything we do at Fuse.io. From our wallets to our Software Development Kits (SDKs), we have worked fastidiously to make Web 3 payments easily accessible and usable for business owners, developers, and consumers alike. This nomination serves as a testament to all we have been able to achieve and is a call to keep pushing the boundaries of blockchain.”

Also speaking about this auspicious recognition, Ira Lakhman, Chief Operating Officer of Fuse.oi echoed this enthusiasm, “At Fuse.io, we’ve consistently pushed the limits of what’s possible in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Our focus has been on efficient payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses without the deep pockets for custom Web 3 payment infrastructure.

We’ve prioritized key elements of a sustainable payment system, including speed, cost-effectiveness, and security. Our platform processes transactions rapidly, with the ability to complete 60 transactions per second for ERC-20 assets and 120 transactions per second for native tokens, all with a block time of just 5 seconds. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to complete transactions for as little as a cent. These achievements are a source of pride for our company, and being recognized for them is truly rewarding.”

In Africa, Fuse is facilitating financial inclusion and economic growth for myriads of businesses and SMEs. It is also providing the infrastructure that innovative companies need to revolutionize the continent’s economy.

In Kenya, for instance, its technology and infrastructure are the building blocks of Sanduk, a platform that offers payment solutions, used in addressing the volatility of local currencies.

With sights set on the future of crypto and blockchain, Fuse.io continues to revolutionize the industry, creating functionalities that empower developers to deliver user-friendly experiences and seamless payment solutions to their customers as well as enabling businesses and consumers to leapfrog the challenges that have plagued Africa’s financial ecosystems for several decades.

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