First Climate Change Global Business Summit Set for Nairobi

In a bid to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change in Africa, the inaugural “Climate Change Global Business Summit on Africa” is scheduled to take place on March 19-20, 2024, in Nairobi.

This significant event, conceptualized in the aftermath of the Africa Climate Summit chaired by President Ruto in September 2023, aims to establish an annual, action-oriented international business platform dedicated to Africa and headquartered on the continent.

The summit is expected to draw the participation of 200 CEOs, economists, and influential personalities from around the globe, converging to shed light on the pivotal role that the private sector can play in mitigating the far-reaching impacts of climate change across Africa.

Pietro Mininni, CEO of The European House – Ambrosetti Africa, expressed anticipation for the inaugural summit, describing it as a crucial cornerstone in the climate change dialogue, particularly focusing on the private sector.

Mininni highlighted the unique opportunity for influential business leaders to forge long-term international partnerships aimed at addressing climate change issues and fostering positive outcomes for the African continent.

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While climate change presents severe challenges globally, its impacts on Africa are notably more pronounced and disruptive.

Hence, the imperative for fostering closer collaboration and dialogue between the public and private sectors to effectively tackle these challenges.

Key topics slated for discussion at the summit include climate finance challenges and opportunities, clean operations for climate protection, agro-industry and energy transition, communicating climate change in Africa for Africa, and the role of healthcare.

The roster of confirmed speakers for the event features prominent figures such as Michal Mlynár (UN Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director, UN-Habitat), Wamkele Mene (Secretary General, African Continental Free Trade Area), Sidi Ould Tah (President, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa), and other distinguished personalities spanning various sectors.

The European House – Ambrosetti, a renowned Milan-based Think Tank and consulting firm, stands as the organizer of the summit, leveraging its expertise and experience in orchestrating events for the business community.

With a track record spanning over five decades, The European House – Ambrosetti is recognized as a leading entity in the global think tank landscape and has been actively engaged in Africa for the past two decades.

As the inaugural the inaugural Climate Change Global Business Summit on Africa” is scheduled to take place on March 19-20, 2024, at the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi. approaches, anticipation mounts for a groundbreaking forum where concerted efforts will be made to address the climate challenges facing the African continent, with the private sector poised to play a pivotal role in driving tangible solutions forward.

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