Epson Unveils New Scanning Solutions for MEA At GITEX 2023

Mukesh Bector, Epson’s Regional Head for East and West Africa

Epson, a global technology leader, today launched its new range of flexible scanning solutions at GITEX 2023 to cater to the region’s growth industries, including healthcare, logistics, financial services, and the public sector.

These industries increasingly rely on scanning documents for verification, security, compliance, and other business needs.

Epson’s new desktop compact, space-saving scanning solutions have the smallest footprint scanner while in use.

With commercial office space at a premium across the region and organisations prioritising lower power consumption in their technology, the new series of Epson’s A4, eco-friendly scanners consume less energy, are built with up to 30% recycled plastic and are specifically designed for smaller office spaces including reception areas, remote workers, and eco-conscious companies to provide a more sustainable scanning strategy.

Some of the new scanners have a power consumption of 3.3W in ready mode and 1.0W in sleep mode.

Recent Epson survey findings reveal that 74% of IT decision makers and users see a high demand for new scanning technology due to digitalisation, an increase that may lead to the global scanner market potentially reaching USD $2.68 billion by the end of 2023. 

The survey results also show that scanning using portable platforms such as smartphone and tablet apps have gained popularity, meeting the demands of users for on-the-go document digitisation and remote and hybrid work models.

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Acting as the door to digitalisation from shifting analogue information to digital processes, the new scanning range is a versatile solution with many innovative features such as two-pass features, and document capture pro software included. 

Mukesh Bector, Epson’s Regional Head for East and West Africa, emphasized the escalating demand for scanning technology across various sectors.

Travel agencies, hospitals, ports, logistics companies, and numerous government institutions are increasingly reliant on scanning solutions to adhere to security standards, uphold essential records, and facilitate data exchange.

The ongoing trend toward digitalization is intensifying the requirement for efficient handling and storage of data sourced from physical documents.

As a result, the need for advanced scanning technologies is projected to surge, particularly when accompanied by suitable automation software.

“The latest scanner series from Epson resolves several concerns by offering a more compact footprint and decreased energy consumption, all the while ensuring rapid performance, superior output quality, and enhanced scanning versatility.” Says Bector.

Enable digital transformation with Epson’s scan solutions using a two-in-one U-turn path position that allows paper to be scanned without adding to the physical footprint of the device.

The new scan range ensures a more flexible media handling from scanning passports to long-form paper formats at speeds ranging from 30 – 40 ppm depending on the model, with in-built with paper protection technology to ensure that original documents remain pristine.

The business scanners [DS-C330 / DS-C490 / ES-C320W / ES-C380W] are ultra-compact A4 models which allow paper to be scanned, especially beneficial for reception areas or limited commercial office environments.

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