Counties to adopt green mobility in new plan

Following the conclusion of the recent urban Conference held at Lake Naivasha Resort, where stakeholders from municipalities from the 47 counties were converging, a communique of 13 resolutions was signed between the county government and the ministry Of Urban Housing and development .

One of the resolution is to Urbanize the transport system in major towns and cities a move that is set to adhere to the Kenya’s green mobility agreement that calls for Zero emission cars and buses and introduction of intelligent transport system.

The move comes barely a week after the commemoration of world environment day under the theme of: ‘our planet our responsibility.’

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Roam Rapid is the first electric ,mass transit bus across the region that is making the myth of zero emission eclectic bus a reality in Kenya.

A move which was welcomed by the Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua who was saying the introduction of the buses across the Nairobi Metropolitan will urbanize the country hence a move that will attract investors and hence creation of more jobs.

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“During the 80’s there was an article which used to future on our local dailies where by the writer used to call his wife and him the Urban’s while their children were called the urbanites. My take today let us all be urbanites so that our cities and towns will experience the ongoing change the globe is experiencing.” Says the Deputy President Rigathi.

According to the recent Health report by the UN there were 5000 reported premature deaths in 2019 linked to air pollution.

The Roam Rapid has a carrying capacity of 77 passengers ,equiped with 384-kWh battery and covers a range of 360 Km on a single charged,where more than 100 buses are set to be deployed to various routes within the Nairobi Metropolitan towns and the bus fare will be as par other bus operators in the industry.

“This bus requires far less servicing compared to bus rapid transport that uses diesel for the period I have been with this car am telling you one can save up to 50% for both parties a passenger and a company that would like to a roam bus.”Mr Paul Njoka Operator of Roam Bus.

Green mobility drive has been on an upward trend in recent times with public transport now increasingly adopting the same.

Electric engines are gaining traction with the scaling up of investments in electric commuter buses and motorcycles as well as associated infrastructure such as charging points in a move aimed at achieving green transportation.

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