Agilitee in Joint Venture With PT Valencia for Electric Vehicles in Indonesia

Agilitee, Africa’s top producer of electric vehicles, has announced entry into Indonesia through a deal with PT Valencia Utama Group, a Jakarta based group of companies.

This partnership, which aims to promote innovation, sustainability, and regional economic growth, is a turning point for the automobile sector in Indonesia.

In 2022, Indonesia reached 125.27 million scooters on the Indonesian roads. Indonesia is sitting on number 2 country with the highest number of scooters on the road, following India, which has over 221 million scooters on on indian roads.

 Agilitee has decided to enter the second largest motorcycle market in the world.

In the agreement PT Valencia Utama Group signed a joint venture with Agilitee Global to inaugurate the Electric Vehicle (EV) plant in Indonesia.

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Founder and CEO of Agilitee, Dr. Mandla Lamba stated, initially the focus was on Africa, however, interest from overseas companies that wanted to bring Agilitee into their own countries initiated the grwoth.

“Such was the case when PT Valencia approached us for a partnership in Indonesia. We just couldn’t resist. Indonesia is the second largest motorcycle market in the world, with more scooters on their roads being two times the entire population of South Africa, over 125 million scooters on the road where have you ever seen that before” said Lamba

Unlike in most parts of Africa, we don’t have to sell the idea of using scooters but rather why they should use electric ones. We are now focused on converting a fraction of those 125 million petrol scooters into electric scooters by Agilitee.  We are grateful to God for an opportunity to address climate change, create jobs, and increase shareholder value in such a large market.

Beyond meeting the escalating global demand for electric vehicles, this collaboration positions Indonesia as a significant player in the sustainable transportation sector. It also underscores a shared commitment to advancing technology and fostering environmental consciousness across Indonesia.

Anticipated outcomes of this partnership include the introduction of cutting-edge electric vehicles specifically tailored for the Indonesian market. These vehicles will not only address urban mobility challenges but also tackle environmental concerns.

Leveraging PT Valencia Utama Group’s local knowledge and market insights alongside Agilitee’s technological prowess, the collaboration aims to create vehicles that align with the unique needs and preferences of Indonesia and Indonesian consumers.

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The Agilitee and PT Valencia Utama Group partnership emerges as a promising initiative, harmonizing with the dynamic global automotive landscape and solidifying Asia and Africa’s role as key influencers in the sustainable mobility revolution.

A new company under PT Agilitee Indonesia is being formed in Indonesia, and Agilitee owns a controlling interest of 70% of the entire Indonesian structure with PT Valencia Utama Group owning the remaining 30%.

Our collective excitement knows no bounds as we introduce Agilitee EV to the Indonesian market and commence local manufacturing for both domestic consumption and export purposes.

This is Agilitee’s first bold step towards building a strong presence in Asia. Agilitee is planning to also make an entry into the Indian and the Singaporean markets before the end of the year.

Under the astute leadership of Dr. Mandla, and fueled by unwavering teamwork, we are poised to elevate Agilitee to a position of global prominence.

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